DD-WRT is a Linux based open-source firmware that allows consumers to access features that they wouldn’t have access to with stock firmware on home routers. It is essentially a modified and customized piece of software enabling more options for the regular consumer’s. It can add a serious kick to your home network if installed properly. However some non technical people or people who are worried that they may brick their router upon installation leave this part to professionals.

That’s were we come in. We professionally install and customize DD-WRT on the latest available routers on the market. We program and customize them with a VPN connection to enhance security and provide anonymity. We enable and take advantage of some of the critical features that come jam packed with DD-WRT. This includes increasing signal strength, setting up multiple virtual interfaces and providing a gateway for a more private network. Listed below you will find some great advantages for running DD-WRT on your home networking platform.

Advantages of DD-WRT:
  1. Running a dedicated OpenVPN client to encrypt your entire networks traffic and make you appear somewhere else. Excellent for privacy, streaming media in different countries with restricted access and downloading.
  2. IPv6 support. With IPv4 addresses becoming increasingly scarce, you’ll appreciate DD-WRT’s built-in IPv6 support.
  3. Advanced Quality of Service controls are available on some DD-WRT builds.
  4. A highly configurable and very powerful firewall that is based on IP tables firewall construction. You can easily edit the IP tables firewall via DD-WRT’s interface.
  5. DNS controls such as DNSmasq, which allows simplified DNS configuration behind the firewall and makes host-name lookup faster. You  also get support for DNS providers such as No-IP, TZo, DynDNS and others.
  6. The access point is visible only to your wireless clients, preventing inadvertently giving access to each client’s shared files.
  7. Easy access to multiple source access-control solutions such as WiFi Dog, HotSpot System, ChilliSpot and others.
  8. More extensions. You can add functionality far beyond the original limitations of the router, such as external USB connectors.

Our routers are configured with this firmware in tandem with a Virtual Private Network Tunnel from a VPN service provider to provide a protective shield around your internet connection and allow you to browse the internet truly anonymously.

EncryptedRouter Benefits:
  • Protect your entire home network ensuring all your internet devices have security.
  • “Plug and play” connect your router to your internet modem and BAM! Your protected.
  • Be anonymous while using torrent and internet file-sharing sites.
  • Access region blocked content that would otherwise not be available.
  • Protect your identity by appearing in a different location online.
  • Protect your identity from government spy programs by encrypting your internet data.
  • Automatically support open-source community by us donating 25% of net proceeds.