TomatoUSB is a system based on Linux, dedicated for routers with Broadcom chipset and distributed on the GPL license. Its development was started by Jonathan Zarate. This advanced system consists of especially user-friendly interface, thanks to which even inexperienced users can work with it easily.

TomatoUSB’s interface in elegant and beautiful. It is very robust in terms of reliability in keeping alive VPN connections as well as enabling and disability features with ease. The system comprises of many options without the trade off of simplicity. TomatoUSB even gives then end user the ability to set up an OpenVPN server right from their own router with a few simple clicks. This means that you can virtually set up a server at home and connect to it with a OpenVPN configured router as a client somewhere else in the world allowing you get to get a dedicated private internet connection through your home network. This is great for accessing documents or critical files with anonymity. In addition the router can still act as a VPN client allowing you to connect to major VPN service provider encrypting and protecting your internet connection from internet hackers, ISP snooping and surveillance.

The interface carries a lot of options but unlike DD-WRT doesn’t appear to give off an overwhelming feel while trying to navigate through the routers settings. Ultimately this router really does give a balance between features and hardcore reliability with a simple user interface that consumers crave. We give this routing platform an A+ in all categories of performance, enhancement and design. The drawback though is this platform is only supported by a  few devices. The devices it does support though are truly one of a kind.

Our routers are configured with this firmware in tandem with your VPN service as a protective shield around your internet connection allowing you to browse, stream, play on the internet with true net-neutrality and annoymity.

  • Protect your entire home network ensuring all your internet devices have security.
  • “Plug and play” connect your router to your internet modem and BAM! Your protected
  • Be anonymous while using torrent and internet file-sharing sites.
  • Access region blocked content that would otherwise not be available.
  • Protect your identity by appearing in a different location online.
  • Protect your identity from government spy programs by encrypting your internet data.
  • Automatically support open-source community by us donating 25% of net proceeds.