What is a VPN?

A VPN or “Virtual Private Network” is a network designed to provide a private internet connection from a computer to a server. When the connection is established information that passes from a computer flows to a server and then gets distributed to the open internet.

The advantage of such system is that all information is routed privately to the server bypassing the ISP “Internet Service Provider”, thus providing a level of anonymity. However, all traffic distributed to the server and to the open internet isn’t fully¬†anonymized until it’s encrypted.

Encryption provides both the server and the computer to establish a connection that is scrambled and can only be encoded and decoded with proper authentication by each other.

With a combination of a VPN connection and encryption an average internet user can become virtually anonymous when accessing the internet.

Additionally, the server is not limited to the originating country of were the original internet connection is established. Ultimately allowing the internet user the freedom to access region blocked content in another country. Or better yet providing ultimate privacy when downloading content on the internet.bussiness-paralax-1-2

Why you should use a VPN service.

We are at pivotal point in time were our privacy is now being completely compromised by the continual advances in internet technologies that log and store our data online through the means of our basic internet connections. ISP’s have the ability to simply log your information view it and do whatever they want with it after they obtain it. Hackers and criminals have better ways of breaking in computers by knowing your unique ip address creating cause of concern for exposure of personal information, financial records or that embarrassing photo that was taken at a party that you wanted no one to see but now went viral on the net because the hacker was able to access your network. A VPN service takes care of that by providing you simply with the protection of concealing your identity online and making it harder for criminals, hackers, spys, ISP’s or government agencies access to your home network.

How to choose the right VPN service?

There is no one size fits all scenario but the best way to choose the right VPN service with optimal privacy is by looking at their policy towards logging information, encryption of your internet connection and their continual commitment to upholding their standards when faced with legal accusations. If the company you are looking at keeps no logs how are they supposed to come up with evidence that pertains directly to you about the information you are viewing, sharing or distributing? They can’t and that’s a simple fact so you know that you are well protected by choosing a provider with such policy. Another big question that is raised is speed. It’s a good idea to look into a VPN’s ability to keep up with the latest new network infrastructure technology. How many servers do they have? Are they located on multiple continents? Do they have many servers in my country? These are just some questions I would ask myself before choosing a VPN service. Lastly, look for reviews, what do other people using the service like and dislike about it. How long have they used the service and have they ran into any problems?

Protecting your entire home network

Now protecting your internet connection to one device is a good idea but your not really protecting yourself entirely if you have a desktop, laptop cell phone and multiple internet connection devices. This is were a Wireless Router programmed with a VPN connection comes into play. By having all your devices connected to that router and the VPN service established on that router you are directly protecting and safeguarding all your internet devices information. Unfortunately most routers are not typically programmed to run a VPN service client. This is were a router programmed with open source firmware that is designed with privacy in mind can enhance your overall internet experience. Routers programmed with software such as DD-WRT or TomatoUSB can enable advancements in features not normally found on stock firmware by giving you the ability to protect yourself with a VPN service. Ultimately this hardware software combo with protect you and your family and give you the ultimate privacy you deserve.

EncryptedRouters.com provides the hardware and customized software configuration that works in tandem with your VPN service provider to secure your entire home network. Allowing the freedom to browse, download, and view all content on the internet regardless of the region. We fully support net-neutrality and internet privacy.