Review the Terms of Service for our Routers for Streaming

Limited Liability Policy:

By utilizing our services, purchasing our products or by using a third party VPN service provider you agree that we are absolutely not responsible for any transmission of data that goes through your EncryptedRouter to the internet or VPN Service provider. We cannot be held liable for any transmission of data as we do not provide the VPN service only the configuration and software modification of the router to work in tandem with the VPN service to encrypt your home network data between your internet devices.

You also agree that we cannot guarantee the performance of a third party VPN service the VPN service provider provides as it is out of the scope of our control. We can however provide support and assistance with hardware configuration of our products describe in our router service plans or by a customer utilizing the 120 standard warranty.

You agree that we are not responsible for damaged goods due to the movement from our location to yours by a third party or shipping company.

Limited Standard Warranty:

Our 120 day standard warranty does not cover the intentional misuse of our EncryptedRouter products. We do not provide coverage for hardware damage due to falling, breakage, spillage or acts of God. Our warranty specifically covers the hardware support and configuration, manufacturer hardware malfunction and technical support and assistance of our products.

We may deem if necessary, a replacement product under our sole discretion. This decision will be determined by an appropriate representative with the appropriate authority to make such decision.