Encrypted Routers Privacy Policy for our Tomato Firmware Products

Privacy Policy:

  1. EncryptedRouters takes our users privacy extremely seriously. Our premise of our business is to protect individuals identity and safeguard their internet connection by protecting their home internet devices with one software customized piece of hardware, a “Encrypted Home Networking Router”. It is therefore that we can confidently say that we do not share customer profile, user site data or page click through information with any other affiliated companies. When a customer buys a product we take further measures to safeguard their information by establishing an SSL connection with an SSL certificate. This SSL certificate provides encryption to any information that is entered into our customer database or passes through a website giving customers  confidence when buying a product through EncryptedRouters.

  2. Customer profile information is retained in our database so consumers can come back to our website and make future purchases easier. By creating a customer profile users are able to use their same shipping and address information, payment information along with their unique username and password to streamline their checkout process.

  3. VPN Service providers username and password information gathered at the product checkout is safeguarded and never sold, traded or released. This information gathered is strictly used to program our Encrypted Routers.

  4. “We,” EncryptedRouters provide links to VPN service providers that provide an Encrypted Connection to be programmed with our routers. We make every attempt to promote service providers that support no logs of users information.