A router that is programmed with open-source software has many advantages over the average residential router with stock firmware. For example with a DD-WRT EncryptedRouter your able to harness the power of your VPN service by protecting your entire network. Thus masking all of your devices IP addresses and replacing it with that of the VPN service providers address. This protects your identity online and makes you safe against traffic snooping, ISP (Internet Service Provider) monitoring and provides access to region blocked content through various media content providers. Examples include; Netflix and Hulu in different regions. In addition, the router makes you completely anonymous when downloading and viewing content on the internet making you and your family safe and secure.

DD-WRT EncryptedRouters are feature rich and enable features that are not normally found on standard commercial grade routers. This includes increasing signal strength of original routers antennas making it possible for increased signal range, Enable features such as setting up the router as a wireless repeater making it possible to connect another router to the EncryptedRouter extending range even further by having two routers using the same frequency to the boost signal, Enabling Open VPN technology to connect to various VPN service providers securing your entire networks IP addresses, Enabling advanced QOS system to better manage network bandwidth, Enabling home wireless servers to provide a dedicated solution for hosting websites through your own network, Advanced features for MMS (multimedia servers) to stream content from one network device to another, Providing security to loopholes found in stock firmware that can effect your network and reducing risk and exposure to identity theft and fraud.

EncryptedRouters works hard to provides timely updates to their products and only programs them with the latest open-source software available ensuring your absolute security and anonymity.